Education Portfolio


Straightforward analysis methods can simplify many operational tasks. Which customers need which products; how much additional turnover can we make from new customers; which methods should we know and use efficiently; how can we improve impact using targeted time management.


  • SWOT

  • ABC-Analysis, Eisenhower, Pareto…

  • Benchmarking

  • Ansoff, Porter…

  • Boston Consulting


Communication is clearly more than just the spoken word. In an organisation communication has its roots in the corporate culture. How do we interact with others – within and external to the organisation.

  • transmission model

  • Schulz v. Thun…

Across departmental boundaries; how do the others act; how can we do it better – together. What do our customers expect and how can we exceed their expectations by better understanding

Processes & Organisation

Corporate processes should determine the organisation, not the reverse. An understanding of processes is the basis for your employees in the organisation of their own workplace.

Which processes form the core of your business; which can be optimised, and how; who is responsible? How can we establish creative workflows and team structures to ensure effectiveness and satisfaction in the workplace?

Can project organisation be of value? Efficiency and customer satisfaction can be improved through project structures – these require an understanding of project management. Methods must be learned.

  • process management

  • project management

  • the right software

  • time management …

Knowledge Management

A lot is talked about „the learning organisation“ – but can an organisation learn? Actually, it is the people who learn – the organisation must learn how to manage the knowledge acquired. It must be made available for all – when and where it is required,

For this we must first answer the questions:

  • what knowledge do we really need?

  • where can we get it?

  • how do we remain up-to-date?

We must first develop an understanding for the necessity and then establish systems and processes.


Motivation and creativity are inseparable. De-motivated staff will rarely be consistently creative.

The Concept programme demonstrates, and participants practice how different creativity and presentation methods can be effectively applied.

  • Brainstorming

  • 6-3-5

  • Bionics

  • value analysis

  • morphological boxes …


Wie bringen wir Bewegung ins Geschäft? Wie verringern wir Personalfluktuation durch Motivation? Lernen und Organisationsstrukturen sind hier als Schlüsselfaktoren aus jahrelanger Forschung klar identifiziert.

Beispiele sind:

  • Job Enrichment / Job Enlargement
  • Team-Arbeit
  • gemeinsames Lernen

Business Basics

We provide the necessary basics relevant to your organisation working with your definition and goals. Do priorities lie in sales, logistics or production? We support you in the definition and structuring of the education package in order to achieve the best possible results.

  • strategic planning

  • business management components

  • marketing

  • basics in economics

  • material processing and logistics


People management requires empathy. Organisations profit greatly from knowledge of methods targeted at motivation and encouragement.

  • leadership styles

  • leadership tools

  • management evaluation

  • motivations theory

  • team building

  • strategic planning

Interim Management

Effiziente, praktische Umsetzung von neuen Strategien, Organisationsformen und Wissensstrukturen als Fundament für neues, dauerhaftes Management. 

Die neue Führung wird nicht durch das unangenehme belastet und kann sich auf die Zukunft konzentrieren.

Mit unserer langjährigen, internationalen Erfahrung können wir in dieser oft heiklen Übergangsphase zukunftsorientiert unterstützen.