Entrepreneurs who understand  corporate knowledge, their employees’ knowledge, to be  the most productive factor generally view two choices:

  • either they can turn to consultants who will advise them of additional knowledge requirements – and where to source it

  • or they do it themselves, by looking for suitable educational bodies offering further training or education in specific skills or particular areas.

An important element is missing in both alternatives, the distribution of the knowledge acquired within the organisation. Internal rivalries and differences of opinion may often be the greatest barrier to this distribution.

Should individual departments offer training to their team members, the information will be specific to defined daily operative tasks. As such the training will remain locked within the departmental framework with little chance of diffusion to other areas. This works in opposition to the comprehensive process flow required in successful organisations.

Corporate Knowledge Is based on four basic good business practices

Interdisciplinary Learning - tailored to your individual requirements

This is why we title our concept “4-D Learning”: our education programme is multi-dimensional and oriented directly to actual corporate requirements not to a prescribed common scheme. Although not all positions need detailed knowledge of economics or business studies, marketing or sales etc. they may profit greatly from a good basic understanding, and overview of the organisational structure. The “how much” and “what” can be specifically defined within the needs of the organisation.

Concept will apply our knowledge and experience gained from many years of entrepreneurial and further educational practice.

Integration - improve cooperation with team learning

It is integrated throughout the organisation crossing departmental boundaries. Programme participants should represent as many departments as possible to ensure the greatest interdisciplinary understanding and transfer of knowledge.

Invest Today - for tomorrow’s success

Knowledge doesn’t wait – in fact just the opposite, it gets lost if not updated. An investment in further education insures that we remain up-to-date and thus prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. The advantages of further education within the organisation make continuing success possible.


We have often observed the need for more efficient communication, and understanding, between employees – both within and between departments.

Our further education programmes are specifically targeted at inter-disciplinary employee groups from multiple departments.

Team learning and workbase oriented practice leading to improved understanding of colleagues’ tasks and, consequently, to improved cooperation and motivation.


Each employee brings a range of personal experience into the company.

We aim to to consolidate this knowledge and to use it to benefit the company and employee.

Our many years of practical business experience will ensure an ideal implementation.


Daily operational tasks and business success will always take priority! the entire workforce must follow the goal of improvement and sustainability.

Relevant, real-world group exercises are an integral part of our programme.


Theory plays an important, but not leading role.

Without theoretical background we run the risk of making sub-optimum decisions. Remember, theory informs us succinctly of what others have successfully done before us.

Interim Management

Effiziente, praktische Umsetzung von neuen Strategien, Organisationsformen und Wissensstrukturen als Fundament für neues, dauerhaftes Management. 

Die neue Führung wird nicht durch das unangenehme belastet und kann sich auf die Zukunft konzentrieren.

Mit unserer langjährigen, internationalen Erfahrung können wir in dieser oft heiklen Übergangsphase zukunftsorientiert unterstützen.