Target Customers

SME’s – small & medium-sized enterprises – who want to provide their employees with more than just job specific education. Interdisciplinary learning enables participation with management in the development of plans for targeted implementation and dissemination of knowledge in and about daily operative tasks.

Vision & Goals

Our vision is of a third, incremental education solution for companies. Our goal is to provide an interface between the established systems i.e. vocational training and university education. Refreshing of that already learned and the addition of company relevant knowledge; in teamwork. A gain for employees and the company.

The starting Point

In most areas 50% of available knowledge content is out-of-date within just a few years. In the case of IT within only 1 year – knowledge must be refreshed every year. Larger corporations are fully aware of this. Those organisations wanting to remain leaders in their area need the best employees and their constantly updated knowledge. This is not always the case in smaller companies. They too, however, can become “learning organisations” and profit from the resulting competitive advantages.

Our Approach

Development of a clear company specific and documented curriculum as a guideline for modern and application oriented education. Course participants are recruited from multiple departments and learn in targeted dialogue with colleagues.

Advantages for the Team

Motivation. All participants have the opportunity to better understand strategies and their value for the organisation. With this background they can actively participate in the evaluation and improvement of processes and goals.

Advantages for the company

It is virtually impossible to develop sustainable competitive marketing strategies without knowledge and meaningful knowledge management. Knowledge is far ahead of all other production factors giving it the decisive advantage. Your investment in “4-D learning” will pay off: it will promote cooperation in your organisation, motivate employees, strengthen innovative thinking and lead to lasting improvement.

Interim Management

Effiziente, praktische Umsetzung von neuen Strategien, Organisationsformen und Wissensstrukturen als Fundament für neues, dauerhaftes Management. 

Die neue Führung wird nicht durch das unangenehme belastet und kann sich auf die Zukunft konzentrieren.

Mit unserer langjährigen, internationalen Erfahrung können wir in dieser oft heiklen Übergangsphase zukunftsorientiert unterstützen.